Legal optimisation of the company Individual support corporate restructuring Drafting commercial leases

Our role is to make sure that your business complies with the laws in force. Legal services are managed by the legal department specifically dedicated by CSF & Associés.

Tax law, contract law, company law are examples of fields where our dedicated experts help you comply with the laws in force.

Droit fiscal, droit des contrats, droit des sociétés sont autant de domaines dans lesquels nos experts en la matière vous apportent leur concours pour garantir à votre structure d’être en phase avec la réglementation en vigueur.

Law on individual firms :

  • Property law ;
  • Company director social security ;
  • Transmission.

Business law :

  • Choosing the type of company ;
  • Social status of the manager ;
  • Board of director and general meeting reports, and relevant formalities.

Corporate restructuring :

  • Capital increase ;
  • Transfer of shares ;
  • Merger ;
  • Change of the company, legal form and status ;
  • Split-up ;
  • Dissolution ;
  • Liquidation.