MEG,my expert in management

CSF & Associés suggests you a collaborative platform, 100% online, 100% secure and 100% mobile to manage your company online

Mon Expert en Gestion is a collaborative platform aiming at managing your company online. On this platform, you have access and you manage :

  • Many management indicators,
  • Applications or modules useful for managing your company,

The MEG platform has been operating for several years and has more than 50 000 users on at least one of the modules. In constant evolution, MEG is upgraded regularly with new functionalities

The different modules supplied by MEG

Better management of your company

  • Optimal follow-up of estimates, bills, customer payments, purchases, bank
  • Many management indicators
  • Comparative budgets or reviews to avoid skidding

Controlled and optimised cash flow

  • Regular and automatic updating of your bank statements
  • Deadline monitoring of supplier and customer payments
  • Tool for sending invoice reminders

Time efficiency and productivity

  • Many automatic features : copies of estimates, turning estimates into invoices, check remittance, supplier and client invoice templates, automatic assignment of bank statements…
  • Multi-user for collaborative working within your company
  • Collaborative tool with the accounting firm for better communication
  • 100 % mobile to be used on all types of media (including PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones…)

Security and serenity

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Compliance with legal obligations (invoices, cash, expense reports…)
  • Regular and automatic updating to follow up developments in technology and legislation
  • Automatic and secure backup

Better understanding of your market

Updated monitoring of the main segment information of your market and environment

In real time, we can give you management information to help you better lead your company

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