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Our social expertise

Whether it be a social, human resources or pension management concern, our firm offers its internal skills in providing a suitable solution.

To achieve high quality services in the social and human resources field, we use technically advanced tools and solutions. CSF & Associés can manage remote services for your business (payroll, HR management…).

main l'une en dessous de l'autre qui représente le domaine social

Labour law :

  • Appplication of the labour law in force ;
  • Specific assistance in labour law ;
  • Analysis and drafting of employment contracts ;
  • Dismissals ;
  • Questions on representation within the company, staff representatives, works council;
  • Implementing and monitoring profit-sharing schemes ;
  • Ongoing professional training ;
  • Company savings plan (PEE), retirement savings plan (PERCO).

Social welfare :

  • Specific assistance in social security and welfare (including pension plans) ;
  • Drawing up pay slips and payroll accounting ;
  • Declaring social contributions ;
  • Assistance in case of control or claim stemming from social administrations ;
  • Analysis, implementation and control.